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robinson Q/A ch 8

During a terrible storm a family is abandoned on a ship by the fleeing crew. In

the morning when the storm clears, they give thanks to God for their survival

and the proximity of land. They collect anything they can use from the ship,

build a raft and head for land, where they hunt for food and make a tent out of

the ship's sails.

In the following days, the family hunts, explore, acquire a baby monkey as a

pet and are attacked by jackals. The narrator and the eldest son, Fritz return to

the boat to collect whatever else useful they can still salvage, including the

farm animals that were on board. In their absence, Elisabeth and the younger

children have explored further and found an ideal place for a tree house for


Why did the narrator send the two eldest boys to the sea shore?

(to choose pieces of wood for the steps of the ladder for the giant tree


 What happened when Flora threw herself into the bushes?

(a troop of flamingos mounted into the air)

 Who fired at the birds? (Fritz)

 How did the narrator react? (The narrator nursed the injured bird.)

 How did the narrator make the steps?

(by securing them with ropes on either side and using pieces of cane to


 Why was the end of the ladder loosened?

(so that the narrator was able to draw it up during the night)

 How did the narrator feel on reaching the house?

(He felt like they were in a castle, in which, when the draw bridge is raised,

the occupants secured from every attack of the enemy.)

 What idea did the narrator come up with, the next morning?

(He decided that they should not take the regular road to the seashore but

try to explore another way.)

Friday, March 4, 2016

swiss family chap9

Comprehension Questions:

Q1 What did the narrator observe on the way home?
Ans He observed many pieces of wood to build a sledge.
Q2 When was he determined to go to collect the same?
Ans He was determined to go early the next morning, before his family woke up.
Q3 Why did he leave Fritz behind?
Ans He left Fritz behind to protect the family in case of danger.
Q4 What did they do on finding the pieces of wood?
Ans They set to work to cut them to proper length and laid cross ways on the branches.)
Q5 What did the chest contain?
Ans It contained some sailor’s dresses and some linen.
Q6 How was the outline of the sledge made?
Ans The narrator fixed two bent pieces of wood, the segments of a circle, in their place by a straight piece of wood placed across, and firmly fixed to the bent pieces in the middle and sat at the rear. This formed the outline of his sledge, fastening two ropes in front.
Q7 How would the sledge help them?
Ans Sledge would help them to carry heavy things back from the store house.
Q8 Why did they take the road by the seashore?
Ans They took the road by the seashore because the sands afforded better travelling than the thick grass.
Q9 What did they load on the sledge?
Ans They loaded casks of butter, cheese, a small barrel of gunpowder, different instruments, and some shot.
Q10 Describe the animal that Ernest shot?
Ans It was as large as a sheep, with the tail resembling that of a tiger, its snout and hair were like those of a mouse, the forelegs resembled those of a squirrel, and were extremely short. To make up for this, its hind legs were as long as a pair of stilts.
Q11 Why did the narrator and Ernest burst out laughing?

Ans The narrator and Ernest burst out laughing on seeing the ludicrous style of dress of the three boys. One had a sailor’s shirt which fell to his legs, another was buried in a pair of pantaloons which were fastened around his neck and reached the ground, and the third had a long waist coat, which came down to the instep and gave him the exact form of a travelling suitcase.

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Revision test time table

Revision  Test time table

1/3/16       Maths  (bring geometry box,)
2/3/16        Science
3/3/16         Socialscience

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Revision Question Bank

Question Bank  Cycle Test – 4 (2015-16)
Std: VI
Subject: English

I. Read the following passage carefully.
Space is never a limit for gardening fans. Those with green fingers
can always create their little place, be it on the ground or atop a multi storey
house. Some of the best gardens are those suspended between
the land and the sky. For people living on the upper floors of multi-storey
blocks their garden is a prized possession. Pressure of rapidly increasing
population has forced cities to adopt vertical development. But that
does not mean that people living in higher storey are deprived of the
pleasures of their own gardens. Necessity is the mother of invention and
so the terrace garden culture is catching the imagination of gardening
Leakage below and seepage through walls are the biggest
worries. Exposure to the unpredictable weather is another hurdle. Thus
creating and maintaining a terrace garden is certainly a challenge.
Keep in mind that you cannot create such a garden overnight. It needs
planning regarding leakages, the weight the roof can take, selection of
plants, planting material, the medium in which the plants are planted,
garden decoration, garden furniture and above all your own
Leakage below the garden could be due to various reasons. Lack
of water-proofing, selecting plants with spreading roots or even
something like creation of space between bricks by ants. Leakage is
mostly found in electric installations below. If you have taken care to
provide effective water-proofing on the garden floor, then there should
be no problems. It is also essential to consider the weight-bearing
capacity of the roof-top here. To lighten the load, use pots made of
wooden material, aluminium, plastic, fibre glass etc.
Try to provide the garden with a bamboo fence as a wind barrier.
This is also useful as a shade and you could keep shade-loving plants
under it. Net shades are available in different colours; these cut light to
different intensities and can be used overhead by fastening with hooks.
You could remove these shades in winter. Winter is a special time for such
gardens: the sun is mild and the range of flowers tremendous.

Complete the following sentences.
1. Terrace garden culture is catching the imagination of garden freaks as
2. Winter is a special time for terrace gardens because ___________________.
3. Pressure of rapidly increasing population has forced cities to
4. Terrace garden is a challenge as __________________ are to be dealt with.
5. The problem of leakage can be solved by _____________________________.
6. Usage of ______________________ can reduce the weight to be borne by
the roof.
7. Net shades are useful __________________________.
8. Bamboo fence acts as _________________________.

II. A. Read the following passage carefully.
Redwood, also known as Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), grows
in a very narrow strip along the coast of California from the extreme
southwestern corner of Oregon to 150 miles south of San Francisco. This
area is about 500 miles long and rarely more than twenty or thirty miles
wide. This region has frequent thick – summer fog, moderate year-round
temperature, and considerable winter rainfall. Redwood does not grow
naturally beyond the belt affected by this combination.
Redwood is a rapidly growing tree, and some individual trees have been
measured at more than 360 feet in height, making it the tallest measured
tree species on the earth. In favourable situations, trees 20 years old may
average fifty feet in height and eight inches in diameter. The dimensions
of average mature trees vary from 200 to 240 feet in height. Exceptional
kinds sometimes reach a height of 350 feet, a diameter of over twenty
feet, and an age of approximately 2000 years.
Redwood leaves are green, flat, and sharp-pointed. The brown cones
are egg-shaped and only half an inch in diameter. Their seeds average
about 1, 23,000 to a pound. The soft, reddish-brown bark, six to twelve
inches thick, is one of the Coast Redwood's most distinguishing
characteristic and, together with the wood, lends the name to the
The barks of older trees have a grayish tinge and are deeply furrowed,
giving the trees a fluted appearance. Although the thick bark of older
trees is relatively fire resistant, repeated fires can cause considerable
damage. This fact is evident in the large hollows or ‘goose-pens’
frequently found in the base of large trees. At times, when a fire is strong
enough to burn all layers and kill the tree, its roots, buried in the cool,
moist soil, often live on and produce new sprouts.
Fire either seriously injures the young growth or kills it outright. Also,
redwood trees are often more likely to be affected by wind than fire, and
can be toppled by fierce winter storms. However, Redwood is
exceptionally free from fungus diseases, and there are no insects which
materially harm it. Human demand for wood is responsible for most of the
destruction of Coast Redwood forests.
Answer the questions in brief:
1. ‘The size of the Redwood tree is astounding.’ Explain with two facts from
the given passage.
2. Give any two characteristic features of the bark of a Redwood tree.
3. What are the dangers faced by the Redwood trees?
Find words from the passage which are similar in meaning to the words
by choosing the correct option:
1. rarely (para 1)a)always
2. outright (para 5)a)someone who is out of all rights
b)completely and immediately
c)to sell something
3. rapidly (para 2)a)slowly
d)very fast
4. tinge (para 4)a)a trace of a colour
b)a tingling sound
c)a kind of taste
d)odour of an object
III. Writing:
1. You decide to write an article in the school magazine on how it is
important to save the planet earth.  Write the article in about 100 words.
2. “Animals in the zoos” – How far do you support this? Write a speech on
3. You are the staff reporter of a national daily. Write a report for your
newspaper on health camp that was organized.
4. Tarun decided to write a story but after some time, he could not
complete the story as he lost interest. Complete his story on the basis of
the beginning given below. Do not exceed 60 words.
“Once upon a time, the Lion, the king of the forest, was celebrating his
son’s birthday. All the animals and birds of the forest were to participate
in the grand function….”
5. You are Vivek/ Vedika. Write a letter to your class teacher requesting her
to explain a certain topic in grammar which you missed as you were
6. As an aware citizen of the country, you are concerned about the
increase in road accidents in the metropolis, Delhi. Interpret the data
given below in about 80 words.
line – years
Vertical line
– number of
IV. Grammar
Select the most appropriate option for the reported speech of the
following sentences.
1. "My grandfather is going to cook dinner for us".
She told me that _______________________________.
a. her grandfather would be cooking dinner for us
b. my grandfather will cook dinner for us
c. my grandfather would be cooking dinner for them
d. his grandfather will cook dinner for him
2. "Yeah, I've been to Greece."
Victor told me that __________________.
a. he is in Greece
b. he would be in Greece
c. he had been to Greece
d. he has been to Greece
3. "I am writing an email to my friend."
He told me that ________________________________.
a. she is writing an email to her friend
b. he will write an email to his friend
c. he is writing an email to his friend
d. she was writing an email to his friend
4. "I have been to this restaurant.” said Sheena.
Sheena said that __________________________________.
a. she had been to that restaurant
b. he has been to this restaurant
c. she has been to that restaurant
d. she will be going to that restaurant
5. Victor said, "I run a successful design studio".
Victor told the man that ________________________________.
a. he ran a successful design studio
b. he runs a successful design studio
c. he is running a successful design studio
d. Victor runs a successful design studio
Choose the correct option as directed in the following questions:
1. Which sentence uses the passive voice?
a. I usually let my brother play with my toys.
b. The bill was passed by everyone.
c. Yesterday, the old farmer painted the fence.
d. Going to the park can be a lot of fun for kids.
2. Which sentence uses the passive voice?
a. I hope you are right.
b. No movie is complete without popcorn.
c. A fun time will be had by all.
d. Dad is going to take us to the movies.
Change the voice:
1. The king killed the lion.
2. He has fought a good fight.
3. Who taught her French?
Choose the option that completes the sentence correctly.
1. This job _____________ by my friend next week.
a. is done
b. did
c. will be done
d. was done
2. My father wrote this book. It _____________ by my father.
a. will be wrote
b. was written
c. was write
d. is written
3. Mr Johnson __________ this book.
a. is translated
b. translated by
c. translated
d. was translated
4. This clock __________ in 1750.
a. is made
b. was made
c. is making
d. will be made
5. All the beds were ______________ my grandmother.
a. made by
b. made for
c. make by
d. make for
Choose the correct prefix or suffix from the list to complete the gap.
1. In many countries it is _____ legal to keep a gun in your house.
a. un
b. il
c. in
d. dis
2. She's thinking of going back to university and taking a/ an _______
graduate course.
a. pre
b. under
c. post
d. anti
3. You shouldn't eat chicken that is ______ cooked.
a. anti
b. mis
c. under
d. pro
4. There was some _________agreement over the bill.
a. dis
b. mis
c. un
d. ill
5. She works for a _________ national company. It has offices in over thirty
a. inter
b. multi
c. bi
d. pre
Fill in the blanks with an appropriate idiom from the brackets.
[cat was out of the bag, made ducks and drakes, a piece of cake, as fit
as a fiddle, tie a bell to the cat’s neck]
1. Despite his old age, he is ________________________.
2. The foolish young man soon __________________ of the vast property his
father left him.
3. Mom didn't want me to know what my birthday present was but the
______________________ because I saw her hide it in the closet.
4. Scoring an A grade in the unit test was _______________________ for Faruk.
5. Raman and Gita wanted to go for a movie, but argued that who would
ask permission from mother and _________________________.
Fill in the blanks with correct options:
1. The shock of seeing his house on fire (affected/effected) him deeply.
2. She has (ensured/insured) her house for a very large amount.
3. It is so humid! We should wear (colder/cooler) clothes in such weather.
4. Daily practice made her (adapt/adept) at using the bow and arrow.
5. The (lonely/alone) man sat down by the seashore.
Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition.
1. There is no use ____________ going there at this time.
a. at
b. in
c. on
d. off
2. He complains ___________ headache.
a. of
b. off
c. from
d. about
3. They went to Agra ___________ bus.
a. of
b. in
c. by
d. from
4. I am writing this essay __________ blue ink.
a. in
b. with
c. from
d. on
5. He congratulated you ____________ your promotion.
a. in
b. on
c. of
d. for
Find the adverb(s) in the following sentences.
1. I have been a fan of mystery stories since I was quite young.
a. fan
b. quite
c. since
d. young
2. Some stories are incredibly exciting from start to finish.
a. some
b. incredibly
c. exciting
d. from
3. Others build suspense very slowly.
a. others, very
b. others, slowly
c. others, very, slowly
d. very, slowly
4. If I like a story, I almost never put it down until I finish it.
a. a, almost, never
b. almost, never, until
c. a, almost, down
d. almost, never, down
5. In many cases, I can scarcely prevent myself from peeking at the last
chapter to see the ending.
a. many
b. from
c. prevent
d. scarcely
V. Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.
1. “If it had been ten thousand a man might celebrate with a lot of
fireworks. Even fifty dollars would have been less trouble.”
a. Who said the above lines and to whom?
b. What condition did the will carry?
c. Identify the word which means ‘to have a good time’.
Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.
2. “The lizard was clicked basking in the sun on top of a rock near the
Rongai River in the Masai Mara National Reserve.”
a. What is special about the lizard mentioned in the above lines?
b. What was the lizard doing while it was clicked?
c. Find the word which is an antonym for ‘far’.
Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.
3. Gaily, O gaily we glide and we sing,
We bear her along like a pearl on a string.
a. Who is ‘we’ in the above lines?
b. What is the bride compared to in the above lines?
c. Name and explain the figure of speech in the first line of the stanza.
Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.
4. Water from lakes and river bodies that supply water to towns and villages
may be contaminated. The best thing about rainwater is that it is free
from natural and man-made pollutants.
a. How do towns and villages receive their supply of water?
b. What is the advantage of storing rain water?
c. Identify the word which means the same as ‘dirty and infected’.
VI. Answer the following questions in 30 to 40 words each.
1. One Thousand Dollars
a. On what condition was the one thousand dollars given to Gillian by
the lawyers?
b. How did Uncle Gillian divide up his will?
c. Why did Gillian go to Columbine Theatre? Why was he disappointed
d. Was Gillian satisfied with the amount his uncle bestowed upon him?
Justify your answer by quoting the sentences from the text.
2. Spiderman in the Animal Kingdom
a. When and how was the lizard, that resembled Spiderman,
b. What striking similarities does it bear with Spiderman?
c. Describe the lizard when agitated or in a fight.
d. Give two facts that we must keep in mind to keep the lizard as a pet.
3. Rainwater Harvesting
a. Why are we facing a water crisis across the country, despite the huge
water resources?
b. Explain the process of harvesting rainwater.
c. Give any two disadvantages of a rainwater harvesting system.
d. How does nature have its own system of recharging groundwater?
4. Palanquin Bearers
a. How do the palanquin bearers describe the manner in which they are
carrying the bride?
b. Do the palanquin bearers take pride in the task they are doing?
c. Explain the lines:
She springs like a beam on the brow of the tide,
She falls like a tear from the eyes of a bride.
d. Name and explain the figure of speech in the following line:
‘She floats like a laugh from the lips of a dream. ’
VII. Answer the following questions in about 60 -80 words.
1. Describe any two major troubles that the family faced in the novel ‘The
Swiss Family Robinson’?
2. What lesson do we learn from the novel ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’?
3. In the Chapter ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’, the narrator and his family
make many new discoveries. Which one do you think proved to be the
most useful? Justify.